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Preschool Centre Highlights

STEM Project Based Learning

STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics) project-based approach encourages child-initiated learning. A project will be chosen based on the children’s interest and teachers will facilitate that project for a term. Children will have hands-on and minds-on learning experience during our STEM time. Science is everywhere around us. Science experiments is not only for primary students. Our children get involved in doing experiments to understand the world around us in a better way.

At our engineering corner, our children are not just going to build bridges and towers. They think logically and problem-solve through hands on exploration with real-life materials like pipes, bolts and nuts. At our tech corner, children will use tech toys, apps and our in-built E-learning platform for their learning and it provides a positive disposition about the technology to children.

Our Reggio Emilia’s corner is filled with various natural and wooden materials to provide an authentic and open-ended learning experience for our children.On the whole, STEM provides a stimulating environment for their intellectual and self-directed learning.

Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo Care is a specially designed one to one five hours programme at our childcare centre which brings a seamless transition of your child to our preschool environment. This fun filled programme facilitates the child to have a one to one interactive session with the teacher before the child starts the regular school. Teacher engages the child with stories, music, art & craft and free exploration while the parents are around. This will create a good bonding between the teacher and the child and also it is an opportunity to collaborate with the parents to better understand the child's needs. By this way, the child will step in to our classroom with confidence, secure and safe feeling.

Stay Connected

Is your child has just joined Lories N Berries or returned from a long holiday trip or missing your child at the middle of your busy working schedule? Lories N Berries Stay Connected program will help you to connect your child through a video call and chat with your little one.We and your child will be more happy to see you…!

The Village

In this high-tech world, gadgets are within reach of our children and they are fully engaged by these electronics devices. Our children must know about their roots and their cultural values. Children never get an opportunity to play with our favourite traditional games and toys like Five stones, Chapteh, Chinese chess, Congkak, Hop scotch, Zero point and many more. Playing these traditional games is a way to travel to our past and learn about our cultural and tradition. “The village” learning corner under our roof provides a wonderful experience for our children to build their kampong spirit.

Small Class Size

Studies have shown that the number of children in a class impacts the quality of teaching and learning. Our maximum class size for each level is only upto 13 children.The following is our teacher student ratio.

Playgroup              1 : 6

Nursery 1               1 : 8

Nursery 2               1 : 12

Kindergarten 1      1 : 13

Kindergarten 2      1 : 13


Our dedicated transport service provider will pick up and drop of your child from your door steps.

Transport fee: $150/month      


1 West Coast Drive,
#01-05, Newest
Singapore 128020

Jurong west Branch:

517, Jurong West St 52,
Singapore 640517

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